Monday, July 17, 2017

The working class vs capitalists. The unanswered question of who at the end of the day wins.
Of course some will say in a capitalistic society the capitalists win, but the working class, people who wake up every morning to go to work and produce, write, develop or design products that can be bought by others, they can be winners too.They are earning their dignity and life without giving up and fighting for their idealistics everyday.

The capitalists on the other hand, maybe they are the elit but they are facing everyday the reality also, good or bad, rainy like today or shiny.Maybe they have the money but we don't know the problems they are also facing.

So as the song goes:" the best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds and bees", true or not we are living in a capitalistic world with only a few exceptions, so just breathe it out and at least if you are facing a bad day or week it doesn't matter if you are in either party, you just have to try to be a little bit more optimistic because even thought there are those days... there are also others that are going to come.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dalida - Je Suis Malade (Eng sub )

I am too small to talk about Dalida and her musicality and life so I will be quet for now and just enjoy her interpretation of this unique masterpiece with all of you who are out there tonight,enjoy...
Procrastination, now that's something that we all love to do but not admit it not even to ourselves...The difference of non- procrastinators and procrastinators is the plan and the method that is used in everyday situations.
So do something fun and then something productive in a days time so that you will not feel bulky and lazy when the night comes.
Yes tomorrow and the day after or the next one might seem now like a good idea of postponing something but that is not the way we should think. Act now and not later because later might not be a such a good idea afterall.
So relax, take your time, listen to some music or see a little bit of netflix but after that, you know... you have to do the work.
Be productive, energetic and enthusiastic, you deserve the good outcome in everything you set your mind for. So start now and don't procrastinate life because it may then even pass you by...

Friday, June 16, 2017

For me home feels like a warm cup of tea and the aroma of comfort food at the end of a long day,and an ice freddo coffee and eggs with toast at the start of another one.

We all create a pleasant homey atmoshere where we live but what if a fire occurs in our houses as it happened at that tower block in West London recently?

Without even thinking about it too much we would just be thankful then for our own life and for our existence.

We, our family, our dog and our friends, that's what really matters after all.

So tonight take a minute and just say thanks for what you have in life.We all don't always have everything we want but we have our thoughts and our spirit so it is possible to have everything one day if we set our mind on it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Betti - Ordinary

For all those who love their other half and can't live without him or her from Betti, a jazzy talented and upercoming artist who is going to be discussed by many, at least round about valentines date 

The reason succesful people get up in the morning starts with:why?

Why should I get out of my cozy and comfy bed if I don't have the vision of creating something great today?something meaningful for me or for my neighbor or my neighbors neighbor....

Success is an idea which can be created everyday from people who don't have anything to loose. They may have been poor in the past ,the succesful people, but they had a vision.

We all should take example by them and start thinking about our own why's and not about our but if's. 

So think great and not hesitate, not even for a moment,be your own hero of your unique and beautiful life and trust me it will worth the effort and the time!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

When personal infos are socially and easily distriduted in the internet without limits then what private mode in life are we negotiating for?The rest of the world doesn't need to know what you do, how much do you earn or what you do when no one is watching, so be a little bit more caussius on your online persona data.Sometimes there is only a thin line over loosing control of the infos we all should have uploaded on the net, so we shouldn't overpass that line and run it all over!